The early years are a time of play, exploration and discovery. Korowa’s Early Learning Centre promotes learning through play. The learning experiences we provide are guided by the children’s interests and integrate various skills, knowledge and concepts.

We view children as curious, capable inquirers who actively and collaboratively participate in their learning journey. Each day we foster skills that develop independence and encourage the children to make choices about their learning. Collaboration and communication, within the whole ELC community is vital to the overall learning process. Overall, our ELC Mission is “To create a social and physical environment that promotes the wonder of learning and its value as a lifelong pursuit. We appreciate and respect each individual child and their particular interests, skills and abilities that they bring to the setting. Our aim is to create a learning environment which allows for rich play experiences that support the development of each child.”

A sense of community and belonging

Learning in the Early Years is achieved through social interaction and active engagement. At Korowa, ELC children are given many opportunities to engage with others and express themselves. In ELC 3, there is a focus on developing independence and discovering their own interests. As children move into ELC 4 they continue to develop a greater sense of self and responsibility while expanding their friendships and learning to collaborate – these are all fundamental skills for the transition to school.

We support the children to build their friendships and continually diversify their social interactions. They learn to be inclusive and above all, kind.

Beyond the Classroom

In the ELC we emphasise joyful exploration and discovery – we want everyone to have fun! Each week, students attend Art with a primary specialist Art teacher, where they are introduced to art tools, materials and equipment and engage in painting, drawing and printmaking.

The ELC students love attending Music sessions exploring a wide range of repertoire through song, movement and dance with a specialised Music teacher.

ELC students also participate in weekly Library lessons which focus on fostering a lifelong love of reading and literacy in a warm and agile space. Children are encouraged to choose a book to take home to share with their family and begin to understand the process of book borrowing.

Science in the ELC fosters children’s innate curiosity and encourages them to discover their world in a fun, hands on environment.

ELC children look forward to their regular PE and Yoga sessions, both specifically designed for the Early Years, these sessions develop motor skills, build strength, develop confidence and finding a sense of calm.

From mid-2022, ELC 4 students will participate in fortnightly swimming lessons in Korowa’s new Sports and Wellbeing Centre. ELC 3 – Year 2 students will also be involved in a movement-based program developing Perceptual Motor Skills in our purpose-built PMP (Perceptual Motor Program) room.

Preparing for School Years

On the ground level of the Junior School, our ELC is ideally located to assist and prepare the children for a smooth transition into Prep. The ELC students are connected to the wider Korowa Community, particularly the Junior School through visits to the Preps and enjoy spending time with their Junior School Buddy.

To support the transition, students attend several ‘Step Into Prep’ sessions where they get to know their educators, each other and their environment.

NQS Exceeding Rating

Korowa’s ELC has been rated as ‘Exceeding’ National Quality Standards (NQS) for their Assessment and Rating from The Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

The NQS is, informed by research around best practice, is designed to encourage ongoing quality improvement, and includes assessment and rating of services in seven key areas.

For Korowa families this means our ELC has been recognised for providing high quality individual care for children, and outstanding support for children’s learning and development.