Do you ever find yourself consumed with worry, I know I do, and did well before the advent of COVID-19. It’s true, from the moment we become a mother, often before our children are even born, our lives are filled with a run-of-the-mill, day in, day out, low-level worry about everything from the risks of everyday living to an entire life trajectory that can all too easily feel as if it is taking over your life.

All of this is frequently exhausting and depleting. COVID-19 has taken worrying to new heights. The strange and frightening times the world is living through has given a whole new meaning to the term maternal anxiety. But here’s a comforting thought, We’re all the same. It’s normal; but I want to suggest that we can’t let fears and worry cloud us, or our enjoyment of family life. In years to come and into adulthood, our children will hold the memories of conversations, long walks, laughter, stories read, games played, Lego constructions built, cakes baked and especially all the time spent with you during this period of lock down as the best memories of their childhood.

In a world filled with uncertainty, take a moment to remember that these times too will pass and this Mother’s Day, tell yourself, you are doing a great job! Our lives are far from perfect but despite everything that’s changed in our world you are producing independent enough, happy enough children. They are all doing well. That now seems the most momentous achievement of all.

Mothers around the world are leading the way, juggling jobs and working from home, while joining classrooms online, keeping order and stability in your home and still finding time to be just that little bit more patient with everyone. You are awesome!

Have fun on Sunday and I hope that you all find innovative ways to spend Mother’s Day together even if you’re forced to be apart from the people you love most.