Korowa celebrated the 25th anniversary of its iconic Year 9 outdoor education experience – Trek – in June 2019. The celebration evening was a night of fond memories and much laughter. The School welcomed both past and present Korowa students and staff and past and present staff from our much valued partner over the last 25 years, Outdoor Education Group (OEG). It was particularly memorable to welcome back the staff and students who went on the first Trek in 1994.  Korowa’s 7th Principal, Dr Ros Otzen, spoke about the early beginnings of Trek and  the School paid tribute to her, along with past staff members, Dotty Dhaeze and Barbara Stowe who were both instrumental in the success of the program in the early years. All present were so pleased that 25 years later Trek remains an integral part of the Korowa experience. The total number of Trek graduates over the last 25 years is an incredible 883 Korovians with 42 more joining this impressive list by the end of 2019!

Back Row L to R  –  Ros Otzen,(former Principal of Korowa), Rima Truchanas,(former OEG staff) Amanda Smith (former OEG staff) Jessica Wingad (1997), Melanie Burton (1997), Cee- Ming Leung (1997), Lisa Williams (1996), Front Row L to R –  Fiona Cohen (past Korowa staff), Dotty Dhaeze (past Korowa staff), Sharon Cox (1996), Katherine Sykes (1996), Claire Nolle (1997).

By Ian Robertson, Alumni Manager