The purpose of these programs is to encourage students to try new things, develop independence, build connections with teachers and peers and their personal relationship with the Natural World.

Through these experiences students gain a greater sense of self confidence, build community and leadership skills and have an opportunity to engage in a range of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences.


Year 3

Camp Manyung, Mount Eliza

This overnight trip involves girls participating in a wide range of outdoor experiences including kitchen gardening and food preparation, tree climbing and a flying fox. It aims to foster independence, develop social cohesion with peers, encourage an attitude of responsible risk taking and an appreciation of nature.

Year 4

Marysville, Lake Mountain

This two-night trip involves girls participating in a wide range of outdoor experiences including kitchen gardening, bouldering, low ropes course, bush walking and indigenous music. It aims to foster independence, develop social cohesion with peers, encourage an attitude of responsible risk taking and an appreciation of the natural environment.

Year 5

Camp Jungai, Rubicon Valley, Victoria

This two-night experience has a strong emphasis on fun and adventure. This program is designed to assist students in connecting with the natural environment and developing a passion for exploring the great outdoors. There is a strong aspect of exposure to indigenous practices of storytelling and use of native plants. The girls sleep in a tent on the Camp Jungai Oval for one of the nights. Daytime activities include canoeing, learning about indigenous tucker and medicine, a high ropes course and orienteering.


Year 6

Korowa to the Capital

This three-night trip to Australia’s capital city of Canberra is an opportunity for the girls to learn about aspects of Australia’s legal and political systems as well as to explore a range of significant national venues in the fields of the arts, science and sport. Students develop increased self-awareness as they experience interstate travel with their peers and discover some of the institutions that shape their daily lives.


Year 7

Camp Toolangi

The purpose of this trip is to build on the community groups as the girls are welcomed into Year 7.  Students participate a range of activities focused on fun, building relationships, and reconnecting with their peers.

Middle Rock – Northern NSW

This Camp provides students the opportunity to connect with natural landscapes while growing their understanding and experience of comfort zones and supportive friendships. Themes they have been working on throughout Year 7 pastoral care programs.

The Camp is founded upon the Crew approach, where every girl is encouraged through circle-based conversations and problem-based activities, to share, connect and begin to create those fundamental relationship building qualities with their peers and teachers. Spending this time away from their families is vital to begin forging those connects as a new community.

Activities have an element of selection for students of all abilities and may include;, surfing and snorkeling, sand boarding, marine wild-life cruise, 4wd tour. All students will engage in service projects connecting people with rehabilitation of coastal habitats and cultural experiences looking at landscapes through the practice of song-lines.

Year 8

Mornington Peninsula

At the start of the year students embark on a three-day camping trip where they work in teams and continue the development of their campcraft skills.

They will be re-establishing their community connection as year 8s whilst having fun in and exploring the beautiful coastline of the Mornington Peninsula. Students will also have the opportunity to begin to consider their year 9 Experience options as they undertake a full day bushwalk and a surf lesson.

Jervis Bay – NSW

The students will take part in a number of activities learning about a wide range of social and environmental issues and working with local community groups on how individuals can help mitigate the risks our environment currently faces. They will work in small teams to navigate through group challenges and support each other in a range of adventure activities including options of tree canopy surfing, sea-kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, and marine wild-life cruise.

All students will engage in a cultural workshop where they will explore eco systems from the perspective of the original inhabitants. They will also undertake some service work to prepare habitat for the reintroduction of endangered coastal species following devastating bush fires.

Year 9

Students choose to participate in either Trek or Urban Challenge for their Term 4 Experience.


This unique and iconic four week point to point wilderness adventure celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019 and this year we will reach an incredible 1000 Korovians having participated in the program. Organised and led by the Outdoor Education Group (OEG), and accompanied by a number of experienced Korovian group leaders, students learn to be self-sufficient campers as they venture by foot, bike and raft from the Victorian Alps to Ninety Mile Beach. There is a strong focus on what it takes to maintain a strong, supportive and successful community through change, challenge and celebration. Trek develops self esteem, confidence, leadership and interpersonal skills as students learn to manage their emotional responses to difficult and stressful situations. Trek often shapes the lives of our students, far beyond their years and experiences at Korowa.

Urban Challenge

Over three weeks, students explore some of the key social justice issues affecting urban Melbourne, and other regional areas in Victoria whilst experiencing community life in their own small groups. Urban Challenge caters for a wide range of skills and abilities and allows students to find appropriate levels of personal challenge and build mental toughness. Students also actively engage in service projects. The program allows students to work to their strengths while also finding important opportunities for challenge and growth.

Year 10

Kinglake Experience

The Kinglake Experience provides students with an opportunity to engage in a range of outdoor education opportunities at the campsite, as well as consider their own strengths; the strengths of others; and the best ways in which they can plan for their final years of secondary school.

Deakin Waterfront 

The Year 10 Future Ready Program held at Deakin Waterfront, offers students an opportunity to participate in workshops and practical sessions which build their skills in preparation for entering the workforce. Students will attain their RSA, Food Safe and First Aid qualifications.

Year 11

Trinity College

This Residential Program held at Trinity College, is an opportunity for Year 11 students to commence their transition into Year 12. Throughout the program students will be required to work with their peers in a range of group activities, and consider their own learning journey and strengths in preparation for their upcoming final year of school. Sessions included are grounded in social-emotional learning and responsive to the needs of the cohort.