Korowa Anglican Girls' School

Korowa Students Continue to Excel at University

A Monash University report indicates that Korowa Anglican Girls' School graduates’ university progress and retention rates are, in most cases, consistently well above those of their cohort.

The study compared the percentage of units passed by Korowa graduates to the University average for the same cohort over a period of 5 years. Peaking at 97.6% in 2009, Korowa graduate outcomes were up to 9% higher than their cohort.

A similar picture emerged for retention rates – indicating the extent to which students continue or complete their studies – with Korowa graduates on par, or ahead of, their cohort year.

The study has provided Korowa with a number of valuable insights including the effectiveness of our Careers program which aims to ensure girls are aware of, and are able to take advantage of, the various tertiary opportunities available to them.

It also assured the School that our philosophy of developing all our students to be self motivated, responsible and organised students who are able to operate effectively without teacher intervention appears to lead to future sucess.

In 2010, 94% of Korowa Year 12 students received a 1st round offer for tertiary education.

First Round Offers based on Institution

Name of University Percentage of Offers
Monash University 43
University of Melbourne 26
Deakin University 15
RMIT University 4
Latrobe University 3
Swinburne University 1.5
University of Ballarat 1.5
Swinburne TAFE 1.5
Independent tertiary colleges 1.5

 First Round Offers by Field of Education

Field of Education Percentage of Offers
Architecture and Building 1
Creative Arts 8
Education 2
Engineering & Related Technologies 1
Health 16
Management & Commerce 19
Natural & Physical Sciences 18
Society & Culture 35

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